The fires of One Summer had just died down when a new but reminiscent cycle appeared to the light of day, as early as 1 982, but going on until 1985. It was stimulated by the new edition of Jama, poem on the horrors of war by the Croatian poet and partisan Ivan Goran Kovačić (1913-1943). Murtić could vividly remember the time when, with Zlatko Prica, he had prepared the famed wartime edition of Goran's poem, in 1944. Everything that Goran sang of had happened to the poet himself. Setting out once again to illustrate the topic ,Murtić, perhaps, did not even sense how he was slowly, even the other side of Jama, plunging into the topic of war, into violence, threats, fear, and angst. Two dark figures of mythological symbolism, the Minotaur and the Raven, appear in this cycle in various half-disguises - horse, bull and villain. The negative atmosphere of these figures in the given context, the dominant red and black chords and the tension of the drawing in the abbreviations for the signs of aggression (jaw, horn, tooth, hoof) demonstrate and prove that these existential themes do not go out of fashion.